Consider a vinyl umbrella.


Hello. I’m Mita writing this article from Japan.

I have trouble with sudden rain. Have you bought a vinyl umbrella at a convenience store etc? Now they are cheap, strong and fashionable. very convenient.

But let’s think about it here. Its convenient. Do you know how many vinyl umbrellas are consumed annually in Japan? It’s a shocking number!

Today I will consider a vinyl umbrella.

And, I apologize.Because this English article is translated at Google. Thank you very much. Google. It may be a slightly wrong sentence. I’m sorry.

Let’s go.

The current state of 130,000,000

That’s a shocking figure. 130 million are annual consumption of Japan. Of those, 80 million are said to be vinyl umbrellas. (From vinyl

It is consumption of one or more per one. that? Surprisingly little …. Please do not think. It is consumption for one year.

Depending on the person, some people may have bought a few in a year? Do you have a vinyl umbrella at home that you do not know when you bought it?

Actually, such data also.

According to the answer to the question “How many umbrellas do you have?”, The national average number of umbrellas owned was 3.6. In terms of prefectures, the largest number of umbrellas per person was in 4.1 in Tokyo, followed by Kanagawa and Kyoto prefectures.

東京都は、傘の年間購入数・所有数・ビニール傘所有数の3項目でトップ より

It is a result of the number of possession. It seems to have many around the urban area. Truly Tokyo. And there were the following numbers as the breakdown.

In addition, as a result of the answer received to the question “What is the number of plastic umbrellas among the umbrellas you have?” The Tokyo metropolitan area is 1.9, followed by Osaka and Chiba prefectures, and the same is true for the Tokyo metropolitan area and the prefectures in the Kinki region.

東京都は、傘の年間購入数・所有数・ビニール傘所有数の3項目でトップ より

This also has many vinyl umbrellas in urban areas, and seems to have two or less vinyl umbrellas.

The consumption of 130 million is very large. It is a big problem of Japan.

Its convenience is bad.

You understand the consumption of plastic umbrellas in Japan. It means that consumption of 130 million occurs annually.

That’s right. Mass disposal occurs.

There is no way to keep it at home without throwing away the plastic umbrella that all the Japanese have purchased. Many are thrown away as trash. If you can buy easily at a convenience store, is it easy to throw it away?

The structure of the vinyl umbrella is also difficult to disassemble and reuse, and the main body fixed with the adhesive seems to be buried as it is.

It is done every year.

No, no.

Isn’t this a crisis situation?

If it rains suddenly, stores such as convenience stores carefully move the corner of the vinyl umbrella in the vicinity of the entrance. The convenience of about 500 yen each.

If you think of the number of stores in a convenience store, the same thing is happening at thousands of thousands of stores.

You have to think about convenience. I thought about convenience before.

Simple solution

Folding umbrella. It is a tool that everyone knows

I will carry it in my bag. Or put it in a company or school. That alone will stop Japanese consuming 130 million umbrellas.

And recently shared. I also heard more about sharing umbrella services. Have you ever heard of Shibukasa?

The beverage maker DyDo also offers a vending machine to rent umbrellas for free. (Only in some areas)

If you look for it, there may still be more. How about searching near a company or school?

The vinyl umbrella is dangerous

Convenient, cheap, durable and fashionable. You can get it at a convenience store. Therefore, the dangerous vinyl umbrella that you just hold a lot. Let’s stop buying it by habit.

I do not want to increase the number of Japanese who consume waste umbrella more than this. If a simple solution is done by many people, that alone can change the world.

Please do not forget. 130 million.

Thank you very much.



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