Water supply machine in Yurakucho


I found a water dispenser in Yurakucho, Tokyo.

Water supply machine which is good for person having my bottle.And for bicyclists, it may be a nice watering machine.

Let’s look at it.

The water supply is here

the international forum at JR Yurakucho Station

The location of the water dispenser is on the site of the Tokyo International Forum.

I left the international forum at JR Yurakucho Station.

There is…

Exit the ticket gate and cross the pedestrian crossing on the right, you will find the Tokyo International Forum. Is it about 20 seconds on foot?

With the information that there is a water dispenser in the international forum,I was thinking, but I could easily find it.

By the way, this photo was taken from a short distance across the pedestrian crossing.The water supply machine was installed in the place immediately after entering the site.

Meet the water supply machine

The water supply machine

Next to the water supply machine, the water supply machine was carefully explained.

Test setting

We have set up a water fountain on the ground floor (Yurakucho Station side) of the Tokyo International Forum so that many people can realize safe and delicious tap water.

Author English translation
From 東京都水道局HP:

Well, this water supply machine was installed to have you understand how tap water in Tokyo is so good.And they are also promoting environmental considerations.

Use a water water supply machine

Just open this door

I put my bottle and tried to supply water.

Don’t worry, thank you, it’s free. Free, plastic bottle free. it’s the best.

It is a large opening. There was room in the space even with a 500 ml container.

Once the bottle is in the waterer press the button.

And the taste to be worried about.

“Yeah. Water.”

There is no problem at all. it’s delicious. And because it’s free, I can only thank this water machine.

This watering machine is …

This water supply seems to have supplied 4000 L of water in one month of the summer season.(International Environmental NGO Greenpeace)

It is a great effect. The large number of plastic bottles has been reduced thanks to this water supply machine.

In addition, on the location of Yurakucho, Tokyo, I thought that it would be ideal for hydration for people doing cycling as well as for work and tourists.

If you are cycling, there are many people who carry my bottle on road bikes.

If you go cycling in Tokyo, you should try this water supply machine.

Thanks, water supply machine.

It’s convenient, and it’s free. And I think that it is a great measure to solve the waste problem.

Even if you have my bottle, it’s empty and then it makes no sense to buy a plastic bottle beverage.

I thought about my bottle before.

This water supply machine is the best way to reduce plastic bottles.

Thank you everyone of Tokyo Waterworks Bureau!

Urban oasis. Don’t forget the water supply machine in Yurakucho.



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