How to use Furoshiki 【Basic part Mamusubi】


Before, I participated in the workshop of Furoshiki.

Today, I would like to learn how to use the basics and basics of Furoshiki that I learned in the workshop.

It is the basics of the basics,If you can not do this, you can not make a furoshiki correctly.

I will explain with photos.

Make a Mamusubi

Mamusubi is a knot that must be used when using FuroshikiHowever, at first glance, it is similar to “solid-knit” and you can not make a furoshiki correctly if you do not understand the difference.

I also made a mistake in the workshop.


It is easy to explain, so here we will use two furoshiki sheets.

Use 2 places out of 4 corners

You may be next to one of the four corners, diagonally or anywhere.

Bring a corners.

First,bring a corners.

I just tie it.The problem is next.

This is important

This is important.Come one side (pink on the left side this time) up.The photo is on the left side of pink, but it is the same even if you do it on the opposite side of the right side.

Then cross the yellow-green which was on the right side in pink.

Pass the yellowish green from top to bottom so as not to move the pink.

I just tie it.

It looks like this from the top.

It is important for each to return in their own direction.

The wrong person is probably not like this?

If it is up and down like the direction of the arrow, a mamusubi is not made.Please check again.I made a mistake here too.

Untie Mamusubi

This time I will untie the Mamusubi.

I bring it while pulling the yellow-green corner to the right. Then you can see the back of the knot.

After that, pull the yellow green side to the left with a knot.

Almost all of the basics of Furoshiki

Once you have this mamusubi, you just have to learn how to wrap it. That mamusubi is important.

It is because a simple bag can be made. It’s like this.

Next I would like to go to wrapping.

Enjoying the furoshiki



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